Sony and Sony Ericsson unlocking prices drop...again!

Sony and Sony Ericsson unlocking prices drop...again!

26 Sep 2013

Great news for people who want to unlock a Sony or a Sony Ericsson handset! We’ve managed to get a further price cut from our supplier so the cost will reduce from £28.99 to £22.99 instead.

It may not be the biggest price drop you’ve ever seen or the biggest price drop we’ve been able to offer this year but we do constantly look to see what can be done with our suppliers to ensure we’ve got the best overall unlocking package online. Of course our highly rated customer service team play a huge part in what we can offer but hopefully with our product development team constantly working on bringing the prices down, we’re confident we’re the best phone unlocking service around.

As always, we haven’t compromised the quality of the unlocking either. The unlock code for Sony and Sony Ericsson phones will still be delivered in the same timeframe as before and they are still the same codes that the networks or manufacturer’s would hand out.

We hope the price helps change helps and do keep your eyes peeled to see if there are any more we’re able to negotiate. Happy unlocking!

Article by Darren Kingman

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