Unlock your Phone on Video and Get Refunded!

Unlock your Phone on Video and Get Refunded!

04 Sep 2012

We've now removed this offer.

Simple really, we've currently got an offer for some of our most popular handsets where if you video yourself entering the unlock code, you can get the entire cost refunded! We're keen to build up our amount of tutorial videos both on the site and on our Youtube Channel so we can show everyone just how easy it is to unlock a phone using one of our unlock codes. Seeing as you guys aren't phone unlocking regulars, you are the best people to show others exactly how to do it.

Our list of phones that the offer is currently available for is:

This offer is available on a first come, first served basis. So please do get in touch with us before placing your order to see if the offer is available on the handset you have. Once you have then placed the order and received your unlock code, simply video yourself entering it (and the other bits and bobs we will ask for in the video) and then we'll review it and refund you.

As new phones become available, we will be adding more to this list as well. So do keep in touch if you are unsure or visit our dedicated topic on the offer . You may even be able to twist our arm if we don't currently have your phone on the list.

Article by Darren Kingman

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