Unlock your Huawei phone from Tesco or Virgin

Unlock your Huawei phone from Tesco or Virgin

23 Aug 2012

I like it when we have good news to share. This week I’m happy to report that we have a new unlocking tool available for Huawei mobile phone customers who are locked to Tesco or Virgin.

Previously we’ve only had available the tool to unlock from the main networks (Orange, O2, Three, etc) but now we’ve managed to find the Service Provider codes, which are the ones needed to unlock from the two troublesome networks above.

We recently wrote an article about the different locks placed on phones, which prevents you using alternative networks. Tesco and Virgin usually have the Service Provider lock active on their handsets, as they are both MVNOs (Virtual Network Operators). Therefore we were previously unable to provide the unlock codes needed to make the Huawei handsets compatible with any SIM card.

So if you have your Huawei Ascend G300 locked to one of them or any other Huawei phone for that matter, you no longer have to suffer. Be free to use your phone on O2, or Vodafone Spain. Whichever network you choose, worldwide, enjoy.

Click here to unlock your Huawei mobile phone.

Article by Darren Kingman

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