Unlock any Handset from 3 / Three UK

Unlock any Handset from 3 / Three UK

20 Apr 2011

We're really proud to announce that we can now offer unlock codes for all phones locked to the 3 UK network (also known as Three or 3G Hutchinson).

Previously we've only been able to unlock Blackberry, LG, Sony Ericsson and HTC handsets from Three, but now we can unlock all of them including Nokia devices. (The only device we can't unlock from Three is the iPhone, but we're working on that).

So really, this service will probably only be used for Nokia handsets from 3. It takes just one or two working days for the unlock code to come back, and as long as you haven't tried unlocking it in the past with incorrect codes, you just enter the code with no SIM card in the phone and hey presto it's unlocked.

Click here to unlock Nokia handsets or to find the full list of handsets you can unlock visit our homepage.

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