In 2016, which is the best source of Unlimited and LTE data packages among UK Networks, if it exists?

In 2016, which is the best source of Unlimited and LTE data packages among UK Networks, if it exists?

22 Apr 2016

In 2016, which is the best source of Unlimited and LTE data packages among UK Networks, if it exists? There was a time when mobile data was not anything worth talking about. Remember when mobile technology was still crawling; when phones had durable features allowing playing of games such as Snake and others; when most of the phone you came across was either Nokia or Motorola? It is not that there were no data packages on offer for smartphones. No. But if you ever needed to surf the web, your main activities were reading attachments, gawking at Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) texts and poring over emails. Unlike the present, you did not need large amounts of data to run complicated apps, mobile services and games which are very efficient at consuming your data bundles.

Enter data-consuming behemoths such as the iPhone and people realized that time for change was nigh.

Most operators reacted by providing unlimited data to their customers. In other words, there were no limitations to the amount of data one could download at no cost. At that time, it appeared like the best solution had been found but the status quo was bound to last for a short duration only. The increase in smartphones escalated data traffic. Firm after firm began to tweak the ‘unlimited’ tag on data contracts, instructing customers to adhere to a reasonable consumption rule, which entailed consuming at most 2GB of data every month.

LTE is operational across the UK and major players in the industry offer the service all over the country. EE is the most widely spread although Tesco, O2, Three and Vodafone are busy spreading wings throughout the country.

However, to the normal consumer, there is a lot of confusion. Are some networks meaner or more generous than others? Forget the confusion and trust we are here to avail the knowledge you need to decide.


There was a time when O2 headlined unlimited data – not any more. Today they offer you a range of alternatives based entirely on your SIM, ranging between 250MB and 16GB. The higher the amount you need, the more you pay. For example, if you want to buy 8GB, you will pay £23, which means O2 ranks up there with the costliest LTE providers in the country.

If you have a 64GB iPhone and you need 30GB LTE data for a month, you will have to pay an initial £10 and £69 for that month. In contrast, if you need 5GB every month to use with your gadget, you will pay £54. It goes without saying that the 30GB package is more cost-efficient, considering also that you need just £9.99 to buy the iPhone.


Forget about unlimited data when dealing with EE, but expect a gamut of offerings and PAYG alternatives. Customers will get at least 50GB of data but nothing like genuine unlimited data. You need more data? You have to part with a larger amount of money. The SIM-only offers ranging from 250MB to 10GB. For £21.59 every month, you can subscribe to the 6GB plan. Is this more preferable to O2’s offer of £23 for 8GB?

If you buy a 64GB iPhone from EE and also purchase a tariff, you will pay between £49.99 per month for 4GB data and this can escalate to £79.99 each month if you are to get 20GB of data. In contrast, you can get a Samsung Galaxy S6 of which the least expensive costs from £34.99 and the classiest is worth £79.99 for two months and they give you 1GB and 50 GB respectively. Moreover, they will both last for two years.


If you want unlimited data on 3G or 4G in the UK, there is a single network that will meet your needs – Three. This firm affirms that nothing surplus will be levied for LTE; only Tesco Mobile has a similar offer. As long as you have an LTE-enabled phone, this offer is for you.

Three explains what its flagship bundle is all about When you are on the “All you can eat” (AYCE) plan, you are not limited as to the amount of data you can consume. You don’t have to feel guilty or that there are certain concealed and discriminating policies for fair use of data.

However, you need to remember that AYCE only applies to the particular smartphone you are using. You cannot, for example, tether other gadgets like tablets and laptops so that you share data bundles with them.

If you want to use tethering with you smartphone, then you should subscribe to (a) One Plan or (b) Single Plan SIM only. Additionally, you have the option of subscribing to a Definitive Internet Package, which comes with tethering capability. This add-on capability is available through My3 using a mobile gadget. You can also find it in another one of our plans – the Calling and Text strategies. If you are our current monthly plan customer (excluding those on Essential Internet 200 Plan), we are offering you AYCE package until the end of your current plan for just £3 for thirty days.

Is AYCE package restrictive? It is the capability of your device that limits you. If, for example, you spent every second on the internet for months (you are likely to scare us if you did) your limit would be 1000 GB every month based on the existing traffic management demands (they fluctuate often). It means, then, that there is indeed a maximal amount of 1,000GB. In essence, you don’t have to be worried since the internet is there for you to relish using your gadget.

If you want to subscribe to the SIM-only program using AYCE you have three options: part with between £20 and £30 every month based on the time you plan to spend on the internet which translates to between 200 and 600 minutes or AYCE correspondingly).

Using tariffs, your 64GB iPhone can access unlimited data through three diverse plans. How costly any of the three plans is depends on how much money the phone costs before subscribing. Each of the plans has unlimited data, but tethering is not allowed for new customers. For example, an upfront payment of £149 for the iPhone 6S, 64GB, will cost you £54 every month. For paying £99 upfront, you will spend £56 every month. Similarly, it will cost you £66 every month when you make a prior £9 payment for the gadget.

Tesco Mobile

Around 2011, Tesco Mobile was awarded for being the finest mobile network firm by a tech magazine. However, this did not stop the company from being among the first to ditch unlimited data plans. Presently, its SIM-only data plans are availed in versions ranging from 500MB to 8GB. For a monthly fee of £19 you will get 8GB for 18 months.

You can get LTE services at TESCO and perhaps this is why it now has more handsets on offer. The retail behemoth has Samsung Galaxy phones, Apple’s iPhone 6s gadgets, and devices like HTC One M9 among others on its shelves. For £22.00 every month, you can get the iPhone 6S, 64GB, for a contract of 24 months. This includes 6GB data, 5,000 text messages and 5,000 minutes of talk time. However, you still have to part with £27.00 to cater for the smartphone thus bringing the entire cost to £49.00.

In case you feel 6GB data is inadequate, there is an upgrade option. You can get at most 1GB of data on some gadgets. In case you opt for the 12GB plan, you will need to pay for tariff and phone and the total cost will be £51.50 every month.


Vodafone offers customers data in different amounts, but is one of the network providers that eschew unlimited plans. For SIM-only deals, you have a range of options from 250MB to 20GB. Prepare to pay a mammoth £24.20 for 6GB.

This firm also provides LTE and various types of data packages. For as low as £49.00 every month, you can have the basic package for an iPhone 6s, 64GB, and LTE data (4GB), in addition to paying £129 before taking the device.

Vodafone limits its LTE data allowance at 25GB. This package also consists of 25GB data and unlimited text and calls for which you will part with £65.00 every month. For the iPhone 6S, 64GB, you will part with £9.

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