Top 7 Worst Reasons to Unlock Your Phone

Top 7 Worst Reasons to Unlock Your Phone

03 Aug 2012

There are many reasons why people unlock their phones, usually to use it internationally or simply because they no longer want to be with their network. But there are a bunch of ulterior motives for unlocking a phone and we at Mobile Unlocked have compiled a list of the worst reasons to do so.

7) Having an affair. This one is pretty dark but there are people out there who use SIM cards for different partners. This can be a great way of avoiding the one you're with from finding out, simply because if you haven't given the other lover all your numbers, there's no risk of them calling or texting you at the wrong moment.

6) Prank calls. If you unlock the phone you can then use another SIM card to do all your prank calls with, essentially distancing your known number from any of the dirty work.

5) Because you didn't know it was already unlocked. Many people assume because they've used one SIM card for a long time that their phone was locked, then have no idea why the unlock code won't work.

4) To unblock the phone. A blocked phone isn't able to connect to any network, so although it will now accept any SIM card, it still won't connect with any of them.

3) Calling sex lines. Does your partner (or Mum) check your call records? Well unlocking the phone and using a pay-as-you go SIM card is the answer and one that people have taken before. No more records to worry about.

2) Because you're too rich to care. Are you in a Floyd Mayweather type mood and you've got more money than you could ever spend? Well you might as well unlock your phone because no one with that much money wants to feel trapped. Do they?

1) An office prank. Is someone always using their mobile in the office? By unlocking their phone and putting another SIM card in it, they'll shortly be wondering why no one has called or text them in a while. When they need to explain who they are on every phone call they make as well, it'll have you in stitches.

To all our mobile phone unlocking friends out there, stay classy!

Photo Credit: Carolyn Sewell

Article by Darren Kingman

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