Tim Cook's Inbox Bombarded

Tim Cook's Inbox Bombarded

15 Apr 2012

You may remember the recent story we posted about an iPhone chancer who emailed Tim Cook to get his mobile phone unlocked. Well, since that story was posted (not just by us) Tim Cook has received tons more emails from unlocking-hopefuls who have actually had pretty positive results.

The previous story spoke about a gentleman that was having trouble unlocking his iPhone after correspondence with both AT&T and Apple, who were both informing him that it was the other company he needed to speak with. He then emailed Apple CEO, Tim Cook with his issue and within weeks AT&T had got in touch to unlock the phone. Since then, and since the story went viral, many more people have had similar results from emailing the Steve Jobs replacement with some also getting "the phone call" from AT&T.

The method used is exactly the same to unlock iPhone handsets as the method we offer right here at Mobile Unlocked. That’s encouraging news so we know and all our customers know that we are unlocking the iPhone permanently and correctly, just like the good folks at AT&T do.

It does slightly go without saying that it is a long-shot that Tim will be able to help everyone unlock their phones. We are also unsure whether or not the people mentioned have actually had to pay for their unlock once AT&T have been in touch. One thing's for sure however and that is that Tim Cook owns.


Article by Darren Kingman

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