Three change their policy

Three change their policy

27 Apr 2012

As if you needed more reasons to use Mobile Unlocked, Three have made some slight tweaks to their unlocking service, but nothing to make anyone's life any easier.

First off we should say that phones are locked to their networks because the networks have subsidised the cost. This makes the phone cheaper when you initially purchase it, but with the drawback being that the phone is only then supposed to be used on that network henceforth. They do this by placing a network lock or SIM lock on the phone, so only SIM cards provided by them will work.

On April 11th, Three changed their UK policy so anyone requesting their unlock code directly from them will now have to wait 30 days before they receive it. This is on top of a £15.32 charge (random huh?) which can now no longer be added to the customers bill, but must be paid using a credit or debit card.

Three customers also aren’t able to get their phone unlocked by walking into one of the many Three stores. For some unbeknown reason you will be required to call Three Customer Services instead.

Of course, you could always just unlock your mobile phone by using one of the unlock codes we provide, none of which take 30 days to deliver. Good times.

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