The Nokia Lumia 920 - Who can we unlock from so far?

The Nokia Lumia 920 - Who can we unlock from so far?

29 Nov 2012

This has been big news for a lot of people, and we just wanted to create an article letting people know exactly which networks we can currently unlock from. We are still working on some, notably AT&T for our friends across the pond and also EE (which includes Orange and T-Mobile) in the UK.

If you are hoping to unlock the Lumia 920 from AT&T or EE we are hoping to have the service available as soon as possible and have been informed that it could be ready within the next few weeks. So please do keep an eye out for the news article relating to that service when it goes live. We’ll be posting it on here and also on our Facebook page and through our Twitter feed as soon as we can. If you want to stay connected with us on those platforms, you’ll be amongst the first to find out exactly when we can provide the unlock code for you.

So, which lucky customers can currently unlock their phone? Well, in the UK, the only network that it is possible to unlock from is O2. The price is £38.99 and the average amount of time it takes for us to deliver your unlock code is 1 - 4 days. In the US, you’ll need to be locked to the T-Mobile network to be able to unlock your phone. If you are unlocking from the UK, the price would be £32.99 for this service, but if you are US-based, the price will be displayed as $47.99. No matter where you order this service from, the average delivery time would remain the same at 1 - 10 days.

To unlock the 920 from either of these networks, you can do so on our Nokia Lumia 920 page.

At the current time those are the only two networks it is possible to unlock from. Fingers crossed we can provide a range of alternative networks for you guys in the very near future. Be rest assured however, we are working on it.

Article by Darren Kingman

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