Still no bootloader unlocking from Motorola

Still no bootloader unlocking from Motorola

03 Feb 2012

Motorola have been in the news quite a bit recently due to a number of online petitions being created by their customers, angered at the delay in releasing a bootloader unlocking solution. That may seem like a bit of a over-reaction but when you take into consideration the fact that they had promised bootloader unlocks months ago and all of their main rivals have released their versions, it makes sense.

The petition was born out of the fact that Motorola are the only Android manufacturer who are yet to release a bootloader unlock for their customer. This is stopping users from using whatever software they wish on the phone - with some claiming it breaches their consumer rights.

XDA Developers who are the organisers of the petition, states that: "It is time that Motorola unlocks all of their smartphone's bootloaders and gives people the right to modify their own personal property, a right that is inherent on millions of other smartphones produced by other companies."

This will be an interesting story to follow, even more so if you're a Motorola customer.

Bootloader unlocking has no effect on network unlocking, so the service are able to provide changes in no way whatsoever. It's also worth noting that bootloader unlocking invalidates the warranty, whereas network unlocking doesn't. If you wish to network unlock your Motorola you can do so right here.

Article by Darren Kingman

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