Samsung prices are on their way down!

Samsung prices are on their way down!

21 Jun 2012

We love this type of news, because it makes everyone happy. Because we're just that good, we've been able to negotiate a lower price for supplying Samsung unlock codes, which we're of course passing straight over to you!

Previously our hands were tied and we were charging £19.99 for the codes. We've now set it up so the most you will need to pay is £17.99. That's 10 percent people!

Since my last update, we've also had the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which of course came straight in as one of the most popular phones to unlock. The demand for the phone in general has been phenomenal, which we've of course got first hand experience of with our S3 competition.

As always, we'll constantly keep trying to find ways of bringing the price down and if there is anything else that people would like to see more from us or have an idea on how we can improve please do let us know. We love hearing from you and anything you've got to say, good or bad, we always take on board.

Article by Darren Kingman

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