Does phone unlocking affect your warranty?

Does phone unlocking affect your warranty?

20 Dec 2012

This is a question a lot of people wonder about and need answering. There are also a lot of mixed messages on the Internet, with many answers coming from people who don't work with mobile phone unlocking who are providing incorrect answers.

This article will answer the all important question and put your mind at ease.

So, if you use an unlock code to unlock your phone, does this affect your warranty? No. Unlock codes are for the most part, something that the phone expects you to enter when it recognises a new SIM card. For nearly all new phones, the prompt to enter the unlock code is something that happens automatically. This is because it is programmed into the phones software to do so.

The phones manufacturer warranty will stay valid if you unlock the phone using this method.

However, your contract with your network may be slightly different. Different networks (carriers) do have varying rules on what they allow you to do, but if you have a issue with the handset itself, you will still be able to speak with the manufacturers to get it resolved. If you are unsure, please always consult the contract you have with the network or speak with them directly.

There is another method of phone unlocking that can impact your warranty, and that is using a software. Most "phone unlocking specialists" such as those on the high street will likely be using an unofficial software to unlock a phone. This can void your phones warranty with the manufacturer. Some software "hack" a phone to remove the network lock, as opposed to automatically entering the unlock code. These software can operate in very different ways, and we would advise that if you are unsure, speak with us and we'll be happy to explain the methods being used.

Is this the same with iPhones? No. Unlocking an iPhone is completed using iTunes, but this is the official method of unlocking iPhones and requires the iTunes servers are updated directly by Apple. Therefore, this will not void your phones warranty.

Lastly, some forum users online have mentioned that you can only officially get the unlock code for your phone from the network themselves. Let's get this myth busted. Companies like ours have access to databases that are updated by the networks. So as soon as a phone is locked, there is a corresponding unlock code associated with that IMEI, which we likely have access to (if it has been released). These are the same unlock codes that would be provided directly from a network. However, a lot of the time we can provide them cheaper and faster. These codes are recognised the exact same by the phone you have, and will not affect your warranty if entered.

We hope that helps answers a lot of the questions people have in regarding to unlocking your phone. If it doubt, please don't hesitate to get in touch by email and we'll be happy to help.

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Article by Darren Kingman

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