Phone accepting unlock code but still isn't unlocked

Phone accepting unlock code but still isn't unlocked

17 Oct 2013

This is something we see from time to time when a customer gets in touch with us. Hopefully this article will help save those who have a similar problem.

The situation is that you have an unlock code, you're entering it in the phone, the phone is ACCEPTING it and yet it still hasn't unlocked. An extremely annoying period of frustration usually ensues. However, there are 2 very common questions we'd be asking at this point, which usually provide the answer we're looking for.

  1. Has the software on the phone been changed at all since it was originally purchased? This is often referred to as "rooting".
  2. Insert a SIM card from the phones original network and attempt to make a phone call. If you can't, the phone is blocked.

Now, if you answered yes to question number 1, then you'll need to revert the phone back to the original software and try entering the code again. The rooted firmware is stopping the phones software reacting as it should and consequently preventing the request to turn the network lock off. By removing the rooted firmware and reverting the phone back to stock, the phone will then accept the code correctly and the phone will become permanently unlocked.

If you can't make a phone call with your original network, then the phone has accepted the unlock code is now unlocked. However, the phone isn't working with your SIM card because of a "block". This block is stopping the phone from working on all networks and is the reason we ask you to check with an original network SIM card. Unfortunately the only people that can help here are the phones original network and the phones original owner (I hope that's you!).

If neither question provides an answer, the simple suggestion is to do a factory reset on the phone as this can sometimes "kick" the phones software into action. This is a fall back option but has helped people who have came this far.

We hope that helps.

Article by Darren Kingman and Image Source

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