Our Top 10 Customer Service Queries

Our Top 10 Customer Service Queries

16 Jul 2012

We love our customers at Mobile Unlocked. That's why we've compiled a list of our 10 top favourite customer service queries of all time.

Number 10

Opening the list is the person who had no idea why they were even on our site.

"what phone should i pick, what is unlocked ? can i use my own sim?"

Number 9

Even copying the sentence below into my Word document brings up a pretty much constant stream of red underline.

"My locked bar ent Cumin on in order for me to put the code in n dont know any Otha way to get it up."

Number 8

We're a phone unlocking site. Imagine our confusion when this came through.

"pls haw can i unlock my facebook account,i need ur assistance pls contact with me on my email.thanks."

Number 7

If you've provided the wrong information, there's very little we can do. The next customer didn't see it that way.

"Then f%£$ u! And F%£$ mobileunlocked.com"

Number 6

This person probably broke their phone before they got it unlocked.

"hi, my phone mobile is nokia6303i classic, it possible to unlock? why i asking, because, nobody can't unlock this f%£$ing shit phone"

Number 5

Self titled Angry man at number 5.

"I will be complaining to paypal,going on facebook, twitter and outlining your practices, you shouldnt be allowed to take money till you have delivered the goods, angry man"

Number 4

If you had never seen an unlock code before, maybe this is how you would react as well.

"Your random bunch of crazy codes which you sent me never worked!"

Number 3

The honesty of this guy is just honourable. I love the use of modern language.

"I failed because i don't have maney,phanks"

Number 2

When this person's unlock code didn't work, they got straight to the point.

"what shit.. give me a refund.."

Number 1

This is by far the best ticket we've ever had. You'll find that any time you ask for a refund from anywhere ever again, you'll be saying it in this voice.

"I wonna my money back!!!!!!!!!"

Then 3 minutes later:

"Helooooooooooo????money back!!!!!!"

Much love from everyone here at MobileUnlocked.com.

Article by Darren Kingman

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