No unlock code prompt on your HTC - Try this

No unlock code prompt on your HTC - Try this

27 Jun 2013

We've seen comments all over the web from people who have HTC handsets that aren't seeing a prompt to enter their unlock code after turning the phone on with a non-accepted SIM card. This is also a common request we see coming through to our support team. So, what can do you?

The first steps are to check if your phone is either already unlocked or blocked. It might seem strange that the phone could already be unlocked if the new SIM card you want to use isn't working, however there can be various reasons for this. To be sure, we recommend that you try turning the phone on with TWO different SIM cards - just to be sure.

If you need to order a new SIM card, these can be ordered for free from various networks. If you're based in the UK, the links below can help:

Orange SIM


Three SIM

Vodafone SIM

giffgaff SIM

Also note that you shouldn't need to top these SIM cards up. Simply try to receive a call on them instead and you won't be charged. Always check with the network beforehand if you're unsure.

So, here's what you do:

  1. Ensure your chosen SIM card (a non-accepted one) is activated, then attempt to make a phone call
  2. Try the same step with a completely different SIM card - also not from the phones original network
By using the two SIM cards we are factoring out the possibility the the first SIM card is faulty, which could lead you to believe the phone is locked. Also, we're double checking that the SIM cards have been activated. If they haven't, again the SIM card won't work and the phone will appear as locked.

However, if you've done both of these and the phone still isn't working with either - we move on to testing if the phone is blocked or not. A blocked phone won't work to make or receive a call from any network, including the original. The test for this is:
  1. Insert an original network SIM card and attempt to make or receive a phone call
If the phone works - great! If it doesn't, there will be a bigger issue that we cannot help with. The phone is likely either blocked or faulty at this point and our recommendation would be to speak with your original network and ask them to help. They are the only ones with the power to remove a network block and you'll likely need to verify your ownership of the phone.

If you're still reading at this point, you've likely done all 3 checks about and only the original network SIM card is able to make or receive a call. This is when we start looking at the software in the phone - as it is now likely the phone is locked and the phone's software isn't reacting the way it should when it detects a non-accepted SIM card.

Now we have two options. The first is to try a factory reset. To do this, you'll likely have a section in your handsets manual, alternatively, there are instructions on HTC's site on how to do a factory reset.

We've been through that step with a number of people before, who have then experienced their phone either request the unlock code or just start working with the previously non-accepted SIM cards.

If a factory reset hasn't done the trick - we'd then advise updating the software to the latest version as suggested by HTC Dev Centre. The latest updates for your handset have been created to iron out bugs with the previous editions. Therefore, these updates should then overcome the issue and likely see either the phone react as unlocked or request the code.

This is the exact process our support team follow with every customer who has these issues. We hope this knowledge, built up over years of trial and error helps some people out there. If it does, please don't forget to bookmark it or like it using your preferred social site. Thanks!

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Article by Darren Kingman

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