A Fresh Look for Mobile Unlocked

A Fresh Look for Mobile Unlocked

11 Nov 2015

For a while now, we at Mobile Unlocked have felt that our website needed a change or two. We have taken the comments from you, our loyal customers, and made a host of small changes to the site in the backend over the past few months. We have completely redesigned the review section. We value your input, and now it is easier to review and view past reviews. We have also simplified the order form – we want you to be able to find your phone as easily as possible.

In keeping with the current design trends, we have overhauled the styling and design features of the site. We have chosen a modern, minimalistic, sleek style. All of the information that you need is never more than a few clicks or scrolls away, neatly waiting for you, without cluttering your screen. No more information overload. Only easy-to-digest, well-balanced content inside of a professional, efficient website.

However, we will not stop here. These changes mark only the beginning of a continuous commitment to make the Mobile Unlocked website the go-to destination for phone unlocking on the Internet. We know that unlocking your phone is a daunting and nerve-wracking process, and we want to make sure that using our site isn’t something else that you need to worry about. We are working to make the phone unlocking process even easier. In order to do this, we need you to continue to help us. Please carry on giving us feedback, no matter how small. We take every comment seriously, and strive to improve on aspects where you feel we could do better.

Finally, we just wanted to say thank you for using Mobile Unlocked. This site exists to serve you, and we hope that the redesign will allow us to do so even better.

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