Mobile News September 2016

 Mobile News September 2016

03 Oct 2016

September has been another busy month for the cell phone sector and keeping up to date with all the latest software and model releases can be difficult. Let us fill you in on all the latest news.

Announcements from Apple

There was exciting news from Apple as users were able to download the iOS 10 update on 13 September. The change that caused the most buzz was the ability to scrap those pre-installed apps that clog up your home screen. Now you are free to completely customize your phone and get rid of anything that is simply taking up space and memory. Siri also got a mini-makeover, with image searching and text messages becoming smarter. You can now even ask Siri to transcribe your voicemails.

Samsung’s Shocker

It has been difficult to escape the news of Samsung’s blunder this month. The company was forced to recall a defective and dangerous product, the Galaxy Note 7, due to numerous cases of what appeared to be spontaneous combustion. Reports of the devices exploding into flames when plugged in or switched on have plastered the internet and newspapers. Scarily, around 40% of these devices sold in the US have not yet been returned.

Onwards and Upwards

Despite the error, Samsung are handling exchanges with fantastic speed and care. They have also released an exciting new technology this past month that allows online shoppers to pay by scanning their iris. Similar to the already existing fingerprint recognition software, users can shop with security more personalized than ever before.

The company is working on new technology that repels water, something which they plan to use to coat future models of phone and tablet, so we are staying tuned for that. It looks like we can also expect good things of the Galaxy S8, due for release early next year. Rumours and leaks suggest that this model will be complete with a mini projector, and may even have a curved screen. Image source

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