Mobile News - March 2016

Mobile News - March 2016

24 Mar 2016

On the operating system front, Microsoft is distributing Windows 10 to older phones, Google has previewed a new version of Android, and Amazon has removed encryption. We also have a sighting of selfie stick from the 1970s, new Apple devices, and more in our roundup of the latest mobile phone news.


Microsoft has made Windows 10 available for most models of older phones. It is the mobile version of the software company's latest operating system. Older phones currently running Windows Phone 8.1 were due to get the update at the end of last year, but the rollout was delayed. Now it is being implemented, but only to some phones. Microsoft has a notification feature to let users know if they are eligible.

Google has released a preview build of its new version of Android. The company normally does this in the summer, but says it is doing it early to get feedback from app developers. The new version is currently being referred to as Android N.


Malware has been discovered that exploits Apple's FairPlay copy protection to install infected apps on any iOS device. Even phones without a jailbreak are vulnerable.

Google has revealed that over 75 percent of its traffic is encrypted. This is up from 50 percent in 2014 and comes in the wake of high profile data leaks.

Amazon has removed encryption from the latest version of Fire OS. It doesn't affect people who have Kindles or Fire phones, but it does affect Fire tablets that are updated to Fire OS 5.1.1. Amazon has said encryption will be brought back in a future update.

Apple's launch event

At Apple's 21 March 2016 launch event we got the iPhone SE, a 9.7in iPad Pro, iOS 9.3 and new Apple Watch bands.

Selfie Stick

Movie buffs believe they have found the first ever example of a selfie stick. It was depicted in a Czechoslovakian film from the 1970s, long before modern mobile devices were invented, let alone the selfie stick.

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