Mobile News June 2015

Mobile News June 2015

16 Jun 2015

AT & T now sells DSL to your close neighbors but certainly not you while Microsoft apparently blamed for killing the good looking smart watch that Nokia was developing. Germany finally ends the enquiry as to whether Merkel’s cell phone was snooped by NSA and we tell you how users of reddit responded to the actions of the CEO banning the harassing subreddits. To keep tabs of all the exciting news that have been rocking the world of mobile devices this month, continue reading this article.


Nokia was on its verge to develop an awesome looking smartwatch that was apparently killed by Microsoft. Tech enthusiasts say that the efforts of Nokia’s effort to develop a Smartwatch surprisingly looked so much similar to Microsoft’s band.

Cyber security

Germany has at long last ended their inquiry on the claim that Markel’s cell phone was snooped by NSA. However, the investigations are expected to resume again and Germans expect that there will be promising new investigative leads that will help settle the matter once and for good.

Internet nightmare

As AT & T sells its DSL to neighbors just outside your home but not you, this has led to an internet nightmare being experienced. Expectations of internet users that is AT&T’s merger will provide fast and reliable internet seems far to be realized considering the new turn of events.

Social networking

The response of reddit users to the recent banning of harassing subreddits by the CEO appears to be even more harassment. While one of the subreddit asked the CEO, Ellen Pao to actually resign, another one was comparing her to nothing more than a fascist dictator.

Gadget failures

When Android One was introduced into the market of mobile devices sometime back by Google, everyone thought that this was the next big thing in the world of Smartphones. But this seemingly low cost device didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations and now beset with failures, Google is now trying to breathe new life to the gadget.

New releases

Roumer mongers have it that Blackberry is planning to release an Android Phone. Whether this is true or not, everyone truly believes that this could change the world of Smartphones for good and forever.

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