Mobile News – January 2016

Mobile News – January 2016

22 Jan 2016

Google removes malicious apps from the Play Store. Microsoft is releasing a new Lumia. Apple may be making it easier to switch devices, and the emoji gets some high-brow recognition. Read all of this and more in our roundup of mobile phone news.

Malicious Apps

Security researchers have found 13 malicious Android apps in the Play Store. The apps downloaded other apps without permission and left positive reviews, boosting the app’s stats in the store. The apps were also able to get root privileges on the device, making them hard to remove, even with a factory reset. Google has removed the apps from Play.

New Release

Microsoft is expected to launch a new phone at the beginning of February. The phone is reported to be called the Lumia 650, and it is thought to be a budget Windows 10 phone. It might even be the last Lumia.

Changing Devices

It looks like it will soon be easier to move from iOS to Android. The process is currently notoriously difficult, but reports say Apple is developing a tool because of pressure from European mobile operators.

Installing Apps

Android users might soon be able to install apps directly from search engine results instead of going to the Play Store. Google is reportedly testing the feature, which at the moment only works in the Google app.

Apple Software Update

Apple released an update to its operating system in January. OS X 10.11.3 fixes a number of bugs and is the third major update of the operating system. Apple also released iOS 9.2.1 for devices that run on iOS 9. It is another bug fixing update.

iPhone Bug

Apple has published a workaround to a common bug, which freezes the battery level indicator on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It is working on a permanent fix.

Rise of the Emoji

For the first time ever, the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year isn't a word - it's an emoji. "Face with tears of joy" beat words like lumbersexual, sharing economy, and dark web.

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