Mobile News – February 2016

Mobile News – February 2016

29 Feb 2016

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona saw the launch of latest S Galaxy Smartphones, Xiaomi-mi-5, Lumia 650; Freedom 251, the word cheapest smartphone; Apple Music new subscriber strength and a lot more on Social Media front. Welcome to this months’ serving of news briefs from the mobile devices’ world.

Mobile upgrades and releases

Samsung has taken advantage of the latest Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to launch its latest range of S Galaxy Smartphones, S 7 and S Edge. The new devices retain the aesthetic appeal and utility of their predecessors but flatter, with a bigger display and wider screen; 32 GB storage, a non-removable but longer lasting battery and a more powerful camera. Xiaomi-mi-5 finally had its debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona after performing well in the Chinese market. This Android gadget has exceptional specs like additional RAM (4GB), ceramic back, attractive design, 18 megapixel camera, 128GB storage and relatively affordable pricing.

If Microsoft Lumia 950 didn’t quite meet your expectations after all the hype, you may want to try the new Lumia 650 that debuted in Barcelona. It has an aluminum frame, is lighter, has a gorgeous appearance and costs much less than its not-so-efficient predecessor.

For as low as $4, people in India can own the new Freedom 251; the world’s cheapest smartphone. It comes with 1GB ram, 8GB internal memory, 32GB micro SD capability, powerful rear and front cameras and a sizeable display. Hopefully, this project will not fail like the infamous Aakash tablet.

HP is finally launching its flagship windows phone HP-Elite-X3 hoping to ride on the firm’s track record and leadership in the technology world. This Windows-10 based gadget is targeted at corporate clients interested in simplifying procurement procedures. Expect high quality hardware as well as 4GB RAM, 2.15GHz processor, 64GB storage and powerful read and front cameras among other desirable features.

Social media

If you were wondering how to react to a Facebook post in a succinct and ‘acceptable’ manner, you don’t have to worry anymore. Facebook has launched a series of emojis to express your ‘like, love, haha, sad, angry and wow’ moment. They are easy to use and fun too.

Facebook Messenger will soon be more convenient and useful considering the company is piloting and will soon launch SMS and multiple accounts capability for this service. Yes; you will soon send SMSs and have your personal messenger account even if you are sharing a mobile gadget with someone else.

Mobile Music

Apple Music garnered 1 million new subscribers in one month to take its total subscription to 11 million people since June 2015. This tremendous growth is attributed to international customers but it remains to be seen whether the Android version, which was launched in November 2015, will elicit similar trends.

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