Mobile News December 2016

Mobile News December 2016

21 Dec 2016

With the year coming to an end and closing season in full swing, we can say that this has quite a time in the world of mobile technology. Apple brought out their new and improved iPhone 7 which no longer has a headphone jack and Samsung made headlines when reports of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire broke out. All in all the mobile markets have experienced some major highs and lows throughout the year.

Before the curtain draws on 2016, let’s not forget that plenty has been happening in the mobile marketplace. The biggest news that was revealed at the beginning of the month was surprisingly from Nokia. While the company is one of the pioneers within the mobile industry, it seemed to have taken a back seat in the recent few years.

Nokia announced that they had finalized a groundbreaking deal with HMD Global Oy and were launching a new line of smartphones in 2017.

What is next for HTC 11?

HTC seems to have caused quite a stir in the mobile market last week. Apparently, a photo leaked online of what the new HTC 11 may look like and the features it might carry. Experts and pundits are claiming that the device will most likely feature a Snapdragon 835 processor, a massive internal storage of 256GB and an 8GB RAM.

Whilst the HTC 10 was equally powerful and signified a reinvention of the brand, it still had a few things missing. There is no doubt that the phone is an absolute marvel but it could do better with some improvement.

Coming back to the HTC 11, let’s examine what we know about it up till yet.

The phone is most likely to be launched early next year, since the company brings them out during this time only. According to various rumors, the screen is supposed to be 5.5 inches and curvy, where else the camera will be quite different than what the customers are used to. We will soon get to know more about this device as the launch draws nearer.

Everything there is to about Apple’s iOS 10

The tech giant launched the latest update iOS 10.2 last week and has added more changes to it. Your iPads and iPhones are bound to undergo an overhaul as soon as you update the software. A few parts of the interface might even seem completely new and it may take some time to get used to it. The messaging app has hanged and there is a never before seen TV app along with other added features.

One of the best things about this update is that you don’t have to worry about anything. Everything new is there to make your life easy and hassle free. You can download it completely free at any time.

There are over 70 more interesting emojis, as well as wallpapers and lockscreen notifications. You will perhaps find that the most coveted feature are the Portrait mode photos which were the highlight of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Samsung Rendering Galaxy Note 7 ‘Useless’

The company was hit the hardest this year with millions of their smartphones being called back from the markets. A production problem left thousands of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users filing reports that their smartphones were combusting when being charged. Ultimately, the phone was recalled and the company had to bear losses amounting to billions of dollars.

Finally,it was announced that an update will be launched within the next week which will render the Galaxy Note s7 useless and inoperable in US.

Nokia is back with a new smartphone on the way

The 10 year deal between Nokia and HMD Global Oy was finalized and has put both the companies into the spotlight. It is being termed as the resurrection of Nokia, which has announced a new line of smartphones based on their older models.

HMD Global was actually created with the purpose of bringing Nokia back. It is looking like it might work well this time.

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