Mobile News - August 2015

Mobile News - August 2015

28 Aug 2015

Prepare to receive Android One in the market; Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ hands-on is here, Ubuntu smartphones are now available in markets outside China and Europe; Samsung Pay presents competition to Android Pay, and Pebble Time Steel is a smart watch you can own without breaking the bank. Welcome to this months’ serving of news briefs from the mobile devices’ world.


Google has decided to reintroduce Android One, its low-cost smartphone. This device is meant for emerging markets and will counter the influx of similar Chinese-made versions that do not support all Android features.

If you have been looking for a larger version of Samsung Galaxy with an expansive screen, brace yourself for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ hands-on. Other features on this device include a more powerful camera and a reinforced aluminum chassis.

It is sad that enthusiasts of Samsung gadgets in the UK will not be laying their hands on the exceptional Samsung Galaxy Note 5 hands-on until a later date.


BQ is launching Ubuntu smartphones in markets beyond China and Europe. Despite the affordability of the gadgets and the opportunity to use Ubuntu on mobile devices, buyers in the USA may not warm up to this gadget because of slow speeds.

If you are an Apple user, there is good news for you in the form of iOS 8.4.1 which is designed to fix bugs in your music applications, and it works with a range of iPhones, iPads and iPods.

For those who might have inadvertently deleted files from their iPhones, it is now possible to restore them, thanks to an iCloud update, but you need to know some of the complications involved.

Mobile Transactions

Samsung has a new mobile payment platform, Samsung Pay, thanks to its acquisition of LoopPay. This service and the app will be available on various Galaxy gadgets and will offer competition for Android Pay.

Security updates

After discovering that Google’s Android-powered gadgets had a vulnerability that could lead to execution of malicious codes, the tech giant have released an update to fix this problem although there is no assurance that this action will solve the problem completely.

Smart Watches

You can now own Pebble Time Steel, a pure steel smart watch for as low as $250.

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