Mobile News April 2017

Mobile News April 2017

09 May 2017

April 2017’s hottest mobile news

The mobile industry changes fast, and it’s critical to keep up to date with the most vital news and trends if you work in this arena. Here’s the must-know facts from April 2017.

iPhone 8 is on the horizon

Apple’s always a critical player in the mobile arena, so even if you don’t work on iOS yourself, is vital you stay on top of the news from Apple. With their 10th anniversary for their mobile platform looming, it’s hardly surprising that Apple have big changes in store for us. It’s anticipated the iPhone 8 will hit us in less than 6 months, and rumours are flying. It looks like they’re set to boost their standard release with another, bells-and-whistles higher tier option too. While it doesn’t look like they’ll be giving us a RAM upgrade this round, some interesting design sheets are circulating to whet our appetites on what the new, upgrade line will look like. The schematics suggest wireless charging will be a huge focus, building on the controversy they sparked by axing traditional wired headphones with the iPhone 7. There’s also hints that we’ll be seeing a dual camera design this round.

However, not all reports are as rosy. Some would even have us believe we won’t see the new phone until the 2018 market opens, so we’ll have to wait and see. The idea that they will be giving us a simpler, upgraded iPhone 7s alongside the new release is certainly an interesting change on Apple’s usual policy of built-in obsolescence, and does suggest they’re looking to begin to cater more to a lower-income market as well as their traditional wide-pocketed Apple fan base. It certainly seems like we’re set to see these new upgrade by the fall, whatever happens with the new flagship iPhone 8 productline. Setbacks are attributed to issues with manufacturing, so if they do opt for a delay it could well be the best option available, given the publicity disaster of a certain ill-made Samasung line now notorious in internet memes.

Blackberry KeyOne is coming

Whatever Apple do next, we’ve got confirmation that the new flagship Blackberry KeyOne will hit shelves on May 5. Priced at just under 500 GB pounds, this isn’t a cheap option, but it’s certainly an interesting one. Offering more carriers and retailers than before, as well as broaching Middle Eastern and African markets, the name may be odd but the phone sure looks interesting, particularly in a brand that hasn’t been delivering lately. The design features a full QWERTY keyboard and a 4.5” touchscreen both, with 3GB of RAM, 12MP/8MP cameras, the Android 7.1 OS and a Snapdragon 625 chipset. It’s not going to outperform some of the latest Samsungs and other models, but they’re not aiming for that market- they want to target the niche that still wants the benefits of a solid keyboard and hands-on use, and who can blame them? This return to their older styling may well earn them back lost marketshare amidst those who aren’t yet sold on the benefits of touchscreen only technology.

Moto Z2 looks set to rise

Leaked images of the latest Motorola offering have also surfaced, marking another manufacturer that’s keen to return to it’s previous heyday. The trio of phones under the ‘Z’ line earned a host of solid, if not amazing reviews, so this promised mid-2017 offering should be met with a decent amount of interest worldwide. It would appear they’re sticking with the same screen size and resolution as the older Z phones, and it looks like they’re strengthening the slim build of the older Z phones with an attractive metal shell. Elements suggestive of both the G5 and the Tango are apparent, with an interesting concave design on the fingerprint sensor. It does seem like they, too, will be ditching the headphone port. Early suggestions seem like a lower MP camera will ship with this phone, but with better lenses and larger pixels. At the moment we don’t know much else, but it does seem like 2017 will see a great expansion of the Motorola line.

What are you hoping to see in 2017 from the mobile market? We’ll be interested to see where these trends continue to go.

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