Man protests outside Orange store over unlock code

Man protests outside Orange store over unlock code

01 Jul 2012

The Orange store in Eastbourne may have had a bit of a surprise this week when they opened their shutters to the sight of a man protesting outside because the network wouldn’t give him the unlock code for his Orange locked mobile phone.

Simon Mercer, who is the protesting gentleman, has been a loyal Orange customer for over 15 years and after now deciding to move to pastures new (Vodafone) he simply requested his unlock code. This is now the cue for Orange to refuse Simon his unlock code, confining him and his mobile phone to their network, at least for the foreseeable future.

Well here at we salute Simon’s efforts to unlock his phone and even if people think he may have too much time on his hands, people should stand up for their rights, however minute they might be to others. Unlocking mobile phones is something we take very seriously here, and we hope to serve all those in need of unlock codes and want to avoid having to deal directly with networks. We would never refuse you!

We’re right behind you Simon!


Article by Darren Kingman

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