We've Got a London Treasure Hunt Competition!

We've Got a London Treasure Hunt Competition!

02 Nov 2012

We've been working really hard on this competition for a while and it's finally here!

You may have seen the competition box on our homepage, but just to explain what is going on - we've hidden a Kindle Fire HD in an Amazon Locker somewhere in London. If you can work out the answers to our questions, you can work out where this Amazon Locker is and the code needed to open it.

The hunt will last until 11:59pm on Monday November 6th. The first person to get there and open it first, wins. Simple. However, we would ask that if you do win it, please email us to let us know, so we can then update everyone else and call the hunt off. Pretty fair trade for a Kindle Fire HD.

We've done quite a few internal tests with the questions so far and we've found that the people who were quickest in working out the answers were those that asked other people - therefore as a tip - ask your friends.

Above all, the competition is supposed to be fun. As far as we are aware, it's the first competition of its kind that requires people to hunt for information on the Internet, as well as needing to go to a physical location. The whole opening the locker thing and using an unlock code we think ties in quite well with phone unlocking, which is exactly what we do. Proud of that!

Good luck everyone.

Article by Darren Kingman

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