LG G5 Release Date, Price and Features

LG G5 Release Date, Price and Features

21 Mar 2016

The smartphone world is dynamic, exciting and competitive as was evidenced by the latest MWC in Barcelona. The competition is so stiff that sometimes it is difficult to differentiate phones save for trademarks and models. That is why the upgradeable LG G5 is a breath of fresh air in the market.

We are used to manufacturers simply increasing the pixel count in existing models, augmenting processor speeds and making other modifications to win customers. Brace yourself for LG’s latest gadget which is authentically different when you consider how upgrades are done.

Here is a smartphone that can be upgraded owing to its modular design. It can also be tweaked and has replaceable batteries camera add-ons and superior quality DACs.

A closer look – the design

While we were accustomed to the plastic/ceramics and leather design of the LG4, the firm has decided to trace its way back to the entirely metallic body most users loved.

The design of the LG G5 will remind users of the Nexus 6P due to its stylish but modest outlook. Some people think the design is dull but this is a personal matter especially in a market in which customers have a range of devices and models to choose from.




This phone comes with a 4GB RAM as well as 32GB storage. To ensure users can carry extra data and other files, the LG G5 has a MicroSD slot.

Expansion modules – the main highlight

More importantly, this ingenious phone has a slot that allows users to expand the capabilities of the device. If you want to do away with current expansion modules, all you have to do is look for a button on the “chin” of the phone, press it, remove the old expansion and insert a new one.

The expansion capabilities include spare batteries with surplus 1,200mAh capability, which makes it possible to use the camera conveniently and for a longer duration.

There is also a camera expansion slot (the CAM Plus) which strengthens your grip, has external power buttons as well as those for zooming, shuttering and recording.

The other expansion module is for audio capabilities and is called the B&O Play. It makes the LG G5 capable of high-resolution audio playback either for the phone or as unconnected DAC when using a PC or Hi-Fi system.


Another amazing feature of this smartphone is the dual camera at the back. The first has 16 megapixels and a normal 78-degree lens while the second has 8 megapixels resolution and a wide-angle lens of 135 degrees. Customers will enjoy taking photos in the outdoors as well as group photos.

Something to note is that LG claims this is the widest angle lens ever mounted on a smartphone. Did you also know that the 135-degree lens actually imitates the human eye’s field of view?

Resolution display

The 5.3 in QHD 1,440 × 2,560 display will find wide acceptance among smartphone users. Did you know you can get notifications and time on the screen of this phone even when it is turned off? Thankfully, this feature consumes very minimal power.


The LG G5 has the contemporary Quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor to ensure higher speed which is one of the most sought-after features of smartphones.


Despite its capabilities and functions, this phone is still portable and light considering it is 74 x 7.7 x 149mm (WDH) and weighs 159g. This means it is smaller than most smartphones including its predecessor – the LG G4.

Other features

The LG G5 has C-Port that functions like a USB. It is located at the bottom corner and helps to transfer data at high speeds in addition to performing charging functions.

Look out also for Bluetooth 4.2., NFC and 802.11ac Wi-Fi capability. This device can also run on Android Marshmallow.

The LG G5 also has fingerprint reading capability. You will find the fingerprint sensor in the middle of the rear (well, this is also the power button of the phone).

This smartphone comes in pink and gold colours. This may not provide a variety for colour enthusiasts but the capabilities of the phone may compensate for lack of visual appeal.

You might also be happy to note that unlike in the LG G4, the volume buttons are now where most people expect them to be – on the phone’s edges. The rear-mounted ones were definitely not a hit with many customers.

On the accessories front, the pair of headphones (the Tone Platinum and H3 made by B&O) that come with the LG G5 are of the highest quality and functionality.

The price

We are yet to know how much this phone will cost but expect a relatively high price if the superior specs and features of the LG G5 are anything to go by.

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