Unlocking iPhones from AT&T now a whole lot cheaper!

Unlocking iPhones from AT&T now a whole lot cheaper!

10 Jan 2013

This is the type of news I really like sharing - we've managed to get iPhone unlocking for those locked to AT&T at a much lower price than we could previously, and we've instantly passed those savings over to you guys.

Just go our iPhone page, select the model you have, then "AT&T" from the drop down menu and you can order it from there.

The new price is £7.99 or $11.99, if you're viewing our site in the US or another country outside Europe. As far as we are aware, that is the lowest price currently available by any of the trusted mobile phone unlockers online, and in most cases, it is vastly cheaper as well.

The other good news is that the confirmation times for having the unlock ready haven't changed either. It will still only take us on average 3 - 12 hours to have the iTunes database updated. At which point, we'll send you over an email letting you know that the phone is ready for unlocking.

Our method for unlocking iPhones locked to AT&T and all other networks is the only official method available, and means that the phone will remain unlocked through any and all future iTunes and iOS updates. This is because the Apple database has been updated with the unlocking information.

There are methods and providers who offer "software" unlocking, but if these aren't done through iTunes, then they will only be temporary - so keep an eye out for that if you don't opt to go with us. We, personally, don't believe in offering that kind of service.

Article by Darren Kingman

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