How To Check If Your Phone Is Blacklisted

How To Check If Your Phone Is Blacklisted

20 Jun 2016

Buying a used Smartphone is always a great idea. As a matter of fact, all of us want to save some money but what about buying a stolen phone. Well, nobody wants to indulge in such a situation. But the important question is that how to avoid such a situation. Let me tell you some useful tips to check whether your phone is blacklisted or not.

Abstain from buying a stolen Phone by utilizing an IMEI checker

An IMEI checker is an imperative tool that can uncover the historical backdrop of a cell phone. Before purchasing a second-hand cell Phone, checking the IMEI will indicate you if the gadget was stolen. A blacklisted smart Phone is one that has been set apart as lost or stolen on a national database. It won't have the capacity to operate on any carrier's system, regardless of the possibility that the SIM card has been changed.

What does IMEI stands for?

As far as cell phones are concerned, IMEI is kind of like a passport for the phones to travel. In simple words, IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15or 16 digit identifier code. It helps to keep the track of each individual cell phone, and acts like a serial number.

What does the IMEI checker do?

An IMEI checker will uncover data, for example, the gadget's origin point, model, and the serial number. It additionally will uncover which network the gadget is at present locked to or if the cell phone is blacklisted.

In case you're contacting a dealer on the web, always request the phone's IMEI. Utilize an IMEI checker to ensure that the Phone wasn't stolen.

Where you can find the IMEI?

Most often, phones are equipped with support documents that show how to find the IMEI and other essential information about your phone. There are different ways to find the IMEI number.


One of the most easiest and reliable ways to find the IMEI number of your phone is through the option of settings in your phone.

By dialing a code:

Simply dial *#06# and the IMEI number would be displayed on the screen of your phone. This code works for most of the cell phones.

On the back of your phone

The IMEI number is printed straightforwardly on the back of some cell Phones or on the SIM card plate. You'll see it in the fine print close to the base and it's normally one of the last numbers.

Which IMEI checker should you use?

There are a number of online services that provide service to check whether your phone was blacklisted or not.


T-Mobile is a good site to check the authenticity of your phone. You can check your IMEI number to ensure your device will work.


Imeidata is another good option to identify whether your phone is blacklisted or not.

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