Have you met Master Chief yet?

Have you met Master Chief yet?

21 Mar 2013

So we had a crazy idea a couple of weeks ago. That idea came from the fact that phone unlocking videos right now are boring as hell. We know because we've created them and watch them quite frequently to help explain to people the instructions of how to unlock their phone. We thought "let’s spruce it up a bit" - so we created the phone unlocking phenomena that is Master Chief.

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Master Chief is of course the Xbox character from the popular game Halo. With him being so awesome at pretty much everything, we decided that phone unlocking was a pretty good retirement plan for Master Chief. Now whenever there is a damsel in distress, Master Chief can appear out of nowhere to help get the phone unlocked.

MobileUnlocked.com act solely as the "Control Centre" that Master Chief communicates with when unlocking a phone, and we ping him the unlock code he needs to get the job done.

In our first episode, Lindsay Lohan is in prison again and due to one thing or another, doesn't have the correct SIM card she needs to make her one and only phone call on her HTC Desire HD. Master Chief hears this distress signal and makes haste towards the prison where Lindsay is banged up. [spoilers] Through mastery and trickery, he gets himself into the prison to unlock Lindsay's phone so she can make her phone call.

Master Chief will be appearing again soon after hearing that Kim Kardashian may have a problem communicating with Kanye when the baby's about to come...

Stay tuned folks!

Article byDarren Kingman

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