SIM Card for Free

SIM Card for Free

30 Jun 2015

Many mobile phone companies – desperate for your business in a competitive market – are offering free no-contract SIM cards. By using them in the right way, this means you can get free Skype calls, unlimited texts, cheaper calls and other free 'goodies'. Listed below are the top deals available on the market right now.


Officially, Giffgaff is a pay-as-you-go SIM-only provider. However, in reality they offer bundles which are as good as, if not better than, many contracts. With the £20 'Giffgaff 3G Goody Bag', you can get the 2,000 inclusive minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data per month. This is perfect for those who don't want to tie themselves into a contract but still use their phones a lot. The SIM card itself is free, though you'll have to top up with at least £10 to activate it. Once activated, you will also get a further £5 free credit added to your balance. Order direct from Giffgaff.

Standard Tariff (with goody bag)

Tesco Mobile

Tesco offer a few worthwhile bundles, including 5,000 texts for £5 and a further 150-minute bundle, also for £5. Furthermore, every time you top up your phone (£10, £15 or £20) they will triple the credit to £30, £45 or £60, respectively. Bundles renew every month automatically until you stop them. To get the free SIM, fill in the Tesco form online.

More information about Tesco Mobile products Click Here.

Standard Tariff

EE/ Orange/ T-Mobile

EE offers three different types of SIM: the 'Data Pack,' the 'Talk and Text Pack,' and the 'Everything Pack.' Unless you tell EE otherwise, the 'pack' is automatically added onto your account every time it expires and the money is taken from the existing credit that is already loaded on the phone. With each 'pack' comes a different offer.

The Data Pack: costs £1 and includes 100MB of 4G data, 10 mins of calls and 10 texts. This pack renews every seven days. A further choice of 30 days is offered for £10. This option includes 1GB of 4G data, plus 50 minutes and 50 texts.

The Talk and Text Pack: has three separate tariffs but doesn't include any data. £1 will give you 25 minutes and 50 texts – lasting seven days. £10 gets you 250 minutes and unlimited texts every 30 days. For £15 they'll give you 750 minutes and unlimited texts (also 30 days).

The Everything Pack: combines the first two and provides three options, each lasting for 30 days. For £10 you can have 150 mins, 500MB of data and unlimited texts. For £15 you'll get 500 minutes, 2GB of data and unlimited texts. Finally, for £25 you'll have 1,000 minutes, 4GB of data and unlimited texts.

To get the free SIM, just fill in the online application form. You'll need to register and top up with a minimum of £10 to activate the card.

Standard Tariff


If you need to call abroad often, then the International SIM can make huge savings. Top up just £15 every month and you can call landlines and mobiles in India and China for 1.5p/min. You'll also get 3,000 minutes and texts to other O2 mobiles free, and 100 MB of data. Lots of other countries are included, starting from just 1p/min; see here for the full list. To get the free SIM, select 'International SIM' and fill in the form here. You'll have to top up at least £15 to activate the card and get the cheap rates.

Standard Rates

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