Facebook Page...Ready

Facebook Page...Ready

15 Mar 2012

We spoke about it recently in our post about the launch of our Twitter account and now we have finally done it. Mobile Unlocked is now on Facebook .

Soon enough we hope to have a Facebook and Twitter icon on the homepage, which will give everyone the ability to share their experience with their friends and get in contact with us in more ways than one. We hope to start using these pages to communicate with anyone having problems unlocking their phone or anyone that just doesn’t quite understand it.

It is also a great way for us to start sharing what’s happening at Mobile Unlocked, as we are going through changes and are really trying to make this a better site for our customers to use. Reversing that as well, we’d also like to hear any ideas you guys have got on things we could do better and build the service around you. Our aim is to be the number one unlocking site on the web and the best way that we can think of to do that, is to listen to what our users are thinking.

Please do get in touch with us using the new Facebook page and share it with your friends.

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