Can you unlock from anywhere in the world?

Can you unlock from anywhere in the world?

31 Oct 2013

The quick answer is yes - unlocking can be completed from anywhere in the world. However, we've felt the need to elaborate on this so we can explain why.

Some of you may have seen my name if you've contacted us through the sites help desk, as that's one of the things I do at MobileUnlocked. Doing so allows me to understand the problems that a lot of people are running into and also the questions they're asking. So I want to answer one of those here.

The situation may be that you have a phone locked to a particular network in one country. For example, let's say you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 locked to O2 in the UK. Can you then unlock this phone if you are in the USA and want to use AT&T? Yes - no problem at all, and that goes for all other countries and networks as well.

The thing with unlocking a phone is, and I explain this to each customer with the same query, is that phone unlocking happens "locally" on the phone. By this I mean it doesn't need any signal or any data/information from an external source. Once the code is entered into the phone, the phone recognises the request and simply turns its internal network lock from "on" to "off". This is the lock preventing the phone from accepting a SIM card from the other networks, which is now essentially removed.

There are some unlocks that require the use of software, such as iPhones, which isn't entirely "local" on the phone. iPhones use iTunes and an Internet connection to remove the network lock. But because software can be used anywhere in the world, and particularly one as accessible internationally as iTunes, iPhone unlocking isn't a problem. iTunes simply see's the phone, recognises that it should be unlocked (based on the work we do behind the scenes) and unlocks it - again, not concerned with where in the world the handset is. This also goes for the Nokia and Sony Ericsson software, which work slightly differently but with the same premise.

So, please don't be concerned in you're in Australia and the phone you have is locked to a network in Italy - the codes and software we provide aren't concerned by your current geographical location and it won't stop you unlocking your phone.

Article by Darren Kingman and Image Source

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