Benefits of Unlocked Phone

Benefits of Unlocked Phone

29 Apr 2015

When purchasing a cell phone, mobile operator suggests you to choose an appropriate subscription plan. As a subscriber, you have your SIM card connected to the personal account with all the information on providing services and fees. The information is for use within your network only, with no legitimate access to foreign networks and services. In order to prevent violations, mobile network providers lock cell phones to operate within their own network.

There are two main ways you can unlock your phone. The first is to manage it by yourself. The second choice is go to a third party website and purchase an unlock code from them.

How to unlock the cell phone yourself

There are four ways to unlock the phone yourself: receive an unlock code from manufacture database or network database, calculate it manually or to unlock by USB through the firmware reinstall. All these procedures are demanding and success is not guaranteed. However, if you want to try, follow the instructions below.

First the unlock code may be received from the manufacturer database, which aggregates overall information about models and firmware installed. However, on the distribution stage the code may change before phone sale, which means the phone IMEI number is changed. Due to the alteration, the request for unlocking will be declined.

The second variant is to use carrier unlock method. Derived from the network database, the unlock code works even if it has been changed by the provider or distributor. It is important to ensure the phone is originally assembled, instead of complete replacement. Otherwise, the unlock code will not coincide with the unique IMEI number.

In third, you can manually calculate the unlock code from the phone’s IMEI number. It works even if the unlock code has been changed or the phone parts replaced. To discover the IMEI number, you have to enter *#06# on the phone. The 16-digit long number pops up immediately upon the dialing.

Unlocking the phone by USB involves connecting to a computer in order to reinstall the firmware. This is the most complicated method, since it presumes the deeper mobile device hardware understanding and troubleshooting knowledge.

The easiest way to unlock phone

That brings us to the second option: go to a third party website like and purchase an unlock code from them. All you have to do is purchase the code, wait for the company to deliver it to you (by email) and then enter the code in your cell phone. It is pretty straightforward and easy to figure out.

The benefits of unlocked phones are obvious

When travelling abroad, you do not want to lose connections with your folks back home. Your locked phone becomes useless then, and to employ different phone numbers all over the world it must be unlocked. Having your phone unlocked, you can acquire a foreign SIM card without paying roaming fees to your provider, which is good for the budget. Replace your old SIM card with the new one to promote new acquaintances, and put the old back to remember close friends living far away.

Another benefit is a simple exchange of mobile provider due to the enormous increase of service fees or any other matter. For example, imposing hidden charges for unnecessary services, such as ‘mobile unlimited broadband supreme plan.’ With the phone unlocked, you are free to choose any mobile service available on the market.

The locked phone owners have limited access to quality mobile applications, while the unlocked gadgets are ready for any software.

In addition, when time to sell your device comes, unlocking will add value to the phone, because it can switch to any networks.

As you can see, there are many benefits from unlocking your phone. What are the benefits from unlocking the phone with MobileUnlocked?

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