AT&T Unlocking Update

AT&T Unlocking Update

08 Nov 2013

Although I do much prefer writing articles about price drops or average delivery times quickening, there are also times when I have to update based on a service that has had to be temporarily suspended, which is what has currently happened for our AT&T unlocking tool.

Due to some issues with one of our suppliers we’ve been forced to temporarily suspend new orders for iPhones and certain Nokia models that are locked to AT&T. I must stress that this is only a temporary suspension until the supplier is able to resolve the issue or we find an alternative (which we’re working on doing).

This doesn’t change anything with the outstanding orders that we currently have for iPhones or Nokias locked to AT&T. The supplier is still trying to get the handsets unlocked but we are seeking alternatives in case that isn’t possible. If that is the case, these customers will of course be automatically refunded.

We fully expect that the AT&T unlocking tool will be back up and running again very soon. In the meantime, we are aware how frustrating it is but please do bear with us as we work to get things resolved.

Article by Darren Kingman

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