Unlocking the iPhone 5S and 5C

Unlocking the iPhone 5S and 5C

10 Oct 2013

A lot of people have been asking us questions about unlocking the new iPhones, the 5S and the 5C and we hadn't been able to say when it would be possible or for which networks. This week, we've finally been able to find out from our suppliers that the service is now available. Hurray!

If you've ever been through a launch of a new Apple handset with us before, you'll know that it takes time for each network to become available for unlocking. This is because different networks require different methods - some also block third party supplier from unlocking their networks.

Because of this, not all network are available to unlock from yet. From the UK, we have Vodafone available. We are expecting the others to come on soon but please do be patient with us and our suppliers. And from the US we have AT&T.

Prices and delivery times will vary due to the varying levels of checks and difficulty getting everything arranged. These prices are largely dictated by the networks.

Finally, just to confirm, the process for unlocking the new iPhones is the same as it always has been for Apple phones. That is, once we've confirmed the unlock is ready (we don't supply a code as it isn't needed) you insert a non-accepted SIM card and connect it to iTunes. Most phones will unlock straight away, but if not, disconnect, wait 20 seconds and then reconnect. Easy.

Enjoy everyone and I hope your network was one of the ones included so far.

Article by Darren Kingman

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