FCC candidate backs phone unlocking in US

FCC candidate backs phone unlocking in US

21 Jun 2013

The man that President Obama is backing to become the next Chairman of the FCC in the states has declared that he supports the movement to legalise phone unlocking there and looks forward to working on making that a reality.

Tom Wheeler, who was speaking at a Senate Commerce Committee earlier in the week said:

“I believe that when I as a consumer or you as a consumer, or anyone have fulfilled our commitment and we’ve paid off our contract, that we ought to have the right to use that device and move it across carriers as we see fit. I look forward to working on this issue and resolving this issue to give consumers flexibility.”

Tom is of course referring to phone unlocking, giving him a strong backing by the over 100,000 people that took part in an online protest against the unpopular law when it was put in place.

At the moment, no one currently know just how the change will made, even Mr Wheeler himself suggesting that it could be a rewrite of the Copyright Act or a permanent exemption from DMCA. The current backing from the telecoms industry is to provide an exemption, as it doesn’t quite change the legality entirely, only adjusting things slightly. This would be seen as a step towards making phone unlocking legal again, however in time it might just be seen as a cop-out.

We will of course keep you up to date with all the developments so all of our visitors from the US know exactly where things stand.

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Article by Darren Kingman

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