41% of people don’t know phone unlocking is legal

41% of people don’t know phone unlocking is legal

02 May 2013

Shocking, we know!

We recently conducted a survey asking people from a variety of sources, including our Twitter and Facebook profiles, to answer a bunch of question looking at the phone unlocking industry. We limited the responses from people in the UK, where we know phone unlocking is legal, but the results suggested the people thought something quite different.

Our question was centred on "is phone unlocking legal or illegal?" and out of the responses we received, only 59% were confidently able to answer that they thought phone unlocking was legal. However, that left a total of 41% of respondents answering that they either didn’t know or were confident that phone unlocking was in fact illegal.

More impressively, we were also able to find out that 90% of people who filled out the survey knew that phone unlocking was removing a network look on a phone (phew!). However, that still left 7% to answer that phone unlocking was entering the PIN number on a phone - a misconception we’ve worked hard to fight against in the past.

These results are a sneak peek into an upcoming piece of content that we’re having produced, looking at the state of the mobile phone industry and people’s understanding of switching networks. Keep a lookout for it!

Article by Darren Kingman and Image Source

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