Over 3000

Over 3000

09 Jan 2014

Apparently we're doing something right!

We launched our Facebook page just over 18 months ago and have since built up a base of over 3,000 people who have taken the time to "Like" us. In our eyes that's a massive achievement and we just want to say thanks.

We constantly post news on our Facebook profile and have recently taken steps to post replies to reviews using a chalkboard! In our mind, if you've taken the time to go on our Facebook page and leave a comment, we should equal that effort and go further by doing something (as far as we're aware) no other company does. It's important for us to stand out from all of the other phone unlocking companies out there and this is just one of the many ways we try to do that.

Hopefully by 2015 we'll be talking about thousands more "Likes" and Twitter followers but please do share us with your friends and continue to share your experiences with us - good or bad.

Article by Darren Kingman and Image source

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