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Some testimonials

Well, I didn't really listen to the reviews. I thought... Written on: 14-10-2015 by 430Meadows

Well, I didn't really listen to the reviews. I thought for sure they were paid for or something, but turns out they aren't, and that as sketchy as this might seem.... it really works. If you're in a bind for how to unlock your iPhone, then don't be hesitant. I think there are actually cheaper services out there, but if you're looking for a solid bet, go with this one. Paid however much money to have my AT&T locked/still in contract phone SIM released and that's exactly what happened... in pretty much record time. Loved customer service as well!

Excellent service Written on: 24-03-2018 by Harrisonu332

MU Took just three hours to unlock where the first company I tried took only a fiver but two days later couldn't unlock. Would RECOMMEND

Pain free and the cheapest Written on: 10-06-2015 by cdouglas1975

They were quicker than the quoted 3-8 days with only 2 days passing and £26.99 was by far the cheapest option I had received to get my old phone unlocked from T-mobile / EE for my daughter. I still think the whole concept of paying any sum more than a couple of quid to have this actioned for something you own outright is a theiving disgrace,(I mean it is typing your code into a computer screen!!! the phone companies should be ashamed), but if it has to be done then I would definitely use these again - even cheaper than your men in the High Street.

I was dubious of 3rd party unlocking Written on: 18-01-2018 by Iain McCutcheon

I was dubious of 3rd party unlocking, but saw this place recommended from giffgaff, and I am delighted to say, it worked perfectly, even got an unfreeze code in case I had entered too many incorrect unlock codes!! O2 couldn't help, these guys sorted it!! Brilliant service, fast, and cheap, spot on! Cheers :).

Great service Written on: 24-02-2018 by Ayaans121

Code was sent within 2 hours, no problems at all. I was kept informed via email and clear instructions sent of how to use the code.

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How to Unlock the HD2

  1. Turn on the HTC HD2 with a non accepted SIM card
  2. If required, enter the PIN code for that specific SIM code
  3. When prompted, enter the unlock code we sent you and press OK/Enter
  4. Your HD2 is unlocked

What Do I Receive

In the emails that we send out for HTC orders, we only need to send 1 unlock code. This code is the one that is unique for the IMEI that your supplied and will work on nearly all networks. This is an extremely simple process and one that HTC have deliberately worked on. We also provide the instructions to enter the code for each HTC mobile phone, so you'll know exactly what to do.

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The HTC HD2 is the first phone from the HTC series with HTC Sense, which is based on three principles - make it mine, stay close and discover the unexpected. Unlocking your HTC HD2 is easy and takes just a few minutes once you receive the valid code. As the HTC HD2 is an Android phone, make sure that the network you want to change to supports the features of the device.