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How to Unlock the Click

What is a Network Lock

A network lock, otherwise known as a SIM lock, is a control placed on the phone by the original network that sold it. They are able to do this because with the lock, they can then sell the phone for cheaper, offering the customer a better upfront deal. This lock does however stay with the phone permanently unless it is removed with an unlock code or software. Doing this is completely legal and won't impact your warranty in any way.

What Do I Receive

In the emails that we send out for HTC orders, we only need to send 1 unlock code. This code is the one that is unique for the IMEI that your supplied and will work on nearly all networks. This is an extremely simple process and one that HTC have deliberately worked on. We also provide the instructions to enter the code for each HTC mobile phone, so you'll know exactly what to do.


Some testimonials

unlock samsun Written on: 08-08-2015 by Bronwy


Excellent Service Written on: 30-01-2016 by --

I requested an unlocking on Monday and the whole process was completed by lunchtime on Friday. My phone was locked to Vodaphone and I could have done the unlock through them but as I didn't have the original SIM card I would have had to put in a new one and then wait for thirty days before making the unlock request. Mobile Unlocked service was simple, user-friendly and worked first time. Would highly recommend this service. Excellent value for money.

A great service Written on: 31-05-2016 by BaronWarren271

An old iphone 3GS was passed on to me by my son, It was locked to a Roger's Cable a service provider in Canada. However they made it very complicated to unlock this phone, they were charging more than $50.00 to unlock it. I am so happy that .mobileunlocked made it so easier to unlock the iphone 3gS with out any fuss and so quickly. I am very satisfied and happy with their service.

Quick and Easy with iPhone 4S Written on: 11-09-2015 by mr_akina

It took around 5 days to get the confirmation email, but once received, it was a case of backing up the phone, swapping SIM cards and plug into iTunes. Easy.

Excellent Service, don't use anyone else! Written on: 11-03-2016 by Quintinr316

Needed an unlock code for an Xperia Z5 on EE PAYG, only ordered on Wed afternoon and had the code on Thursday evening even though the expected date was 3-5 days. Applied the code and now working on Vodafone no problem. Great price and great service, well done!

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HTC Click

Purchase IMEI unlock codes for the HTC Click to allow it to be used on all networks.

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