Phone unlocking is the process of removing a network lock on a mobile phone. Once this lock is deactivated, the phone can then accept SIM cards from all compatible networks worldwide.

For example, a phone may be locked to the O2 network. This means that only SIM cards provided by O2 will be able to make or receive phone calls when inserted in the phone. This also includes sending or receiving text messages or data for internet usage. If the owner were to try and use an Orange SIM card in this handset, the phone simply wouldn’t accept it. Unlocking this phone will then mean that it would be able to accept this previously non-accepted Orange SIM card (or any other compatible SIM card such as Vodafone, Tesco Mobile or even international SIM cards such as AT&T) to make or receive phone calls.

Unlocking therefore allows people to remove the restriction on their phone, originally placed there by the manufacturer on behalf of the network, so they can use whichever compatible network they wish. There are numerous benefits of phone unlocking.