First of all, you should make sure that nobody has attempted to unlock the phone in the past. If they did, and that failed, then we can't always guarantee that your phone can be unlocked. You should also check that the phone works with an original network SIM card, because if the phone cannot, then it may have been reported as lost or stolen, and won't work with any network.

To avoid any mistakes, please do also check that the phone isn't already unlocked. You can do this simply by putting an alternative network SIM card in the phone and if you can send/receive text message or phone calls you don't need to unlock the phone.

One you have completed those checks you should:

  1. Search for your phone from the Mobile Unlocked homepage
  2. Select the country and network that it is currently locked to
  3. If options of unlock tools appear, select the most convenient one for you (based on time or cost) and read the product information on the right hand side of that page

If you have any questions, simply click here to ask us, or you can email us at