It's easy to take the guessing game out of wondering if your phone is locked or not. Even if your phone was bought directly from a network and presumed locked, the steps below will confirm for you in less than 5 minutes. To find out, try the following:

  1. Insert an activated SIM card in the phone from any network different to the one you know works. This is often referred to as a "non-accepted SIM card".

  2. If you're not being requested for an unlock code, wait for the phone to load up and attempt to make or receive a phone call on that SIM cards phone number

If the phone requests a network unlock code, usually with the message "SIM Network Unlock PIN" (iPhones will be different) then you can be sure the phone is locked. If so, now you'll need to place an order for your phones unlock code. Go to our homepage to do that.

If you see the message "Enter PIN" or "Enter Passcode" this is usually just the 4 digit PIN number set up on the phone or as default for the SIM card. The request for an unlock code will usually appear or not after this screen.

It's worth noting that not all phones request an unlock code if they are locked and the phone may start up as normal. If this happens, simply ensuring the SIM card is activated and then trying step 2 above will narrow down the options. If you can make or receive a phone call, then the phone is unlocked and you won’t need a phone unlocking service.

If you can’t make a phone call, then you’ll need to be sure your phone isn’t blocked. Most phones aren’t blocked and if any SIM card at all (including one from your original network) can make or receive a phone call, then you are fine. Alternatively, this might highlight a fault on the phone as opposed to a block. Contact your original network to enquire about this and if they tell you there is no block on the phone and the original network still doesn’t work, usually there is a fault instead. A phone repair shop would be needed in this case.