Get your iCloud IMEI check: 3 simple steps

  • 1
    Locate IMEI number

    Type *#06# into the smartphone keypad. The device’s 15-digit IMEI number will appear on the screen.

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    Activate IMEI search

    Enter the device IMEI number into the search box above. Press ‘Check Now’.

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    Get your personalized report

    After running comprehensive checks against your mobile device, we’ll email your report in under 2 hours.

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The benefits of using an iCloud activation IMEI check

The security features that come with Apple devices perform an important role by protecting the device and its data. And they’re usually a welcome addition to the overall mobile phone package. But they can prove problematic when buying a used phone.

Most of the security settings associated with an Apple device are linked to the iCloud account used to set up the phone. And unless that account is removed or deactivated before you buy a used device, you’ll be locked out and unable to use the device in any meaningful way.

A good example of this is the 'Find My' feature.

'Find My'

A tracking app, the 'Find My' app gives the owner of a phone the ability to track and lock it down if it gets lost or stolen. When the 'Find My' app is enabled the Activation Lock is also activated.

This means that the phone can't be used until the Apple ID password linked to the iCloud account on the device is used to remove iCloud activation lock.

Learn more about how to unlock iPhone without passcode. The new iPhone bypass activation lock service from Mobile Unlocked.

An iCloud activation check eliminates this risk by telling you if the device you’re interested in has an iCloud lock in place. And is one you can use to its full capacity.

What’s included?

Our iCloud activation report will extract information directly from Apple’s official database to establish if there’s an iCloud account still active on the device. It will determine if the iPhone’s ‘Find My’ activation lock is enabled. And it will verify the iCloud status to ensure the iPhone or iPad is clean and hasn’t been reported lost or stolen.

If you’ve been given an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad, and want a general overview of the device, our imei checker is an easy way of getting to know it better.

For more, see our complete guide on how to unlock an iPhone from its carrier network.

Why choose Mobile Unlocked for your iCloud activation check?

Behind our iCloud activation check is a simple and speedy process, supported by powerful software that sources only the most accurate data. No need to use Apple support. Our check does it all.

Get answers fast

The second hand Apple market’s moves quickly. Which means you need to move quickly too. With our online iCloud check you'll have the data information you need to make a decision in under 2 hours.


It doesn’t matter what make or model iPhone or iPad you want to check, our process works in the same straightforward way for all variations. First find the IMEI by typing *#06# into your smartphone or iPad keypad. Then enter it into our search box, and click. Done.

Our software gets to work immediately to produce a clear but comprehensive report which you’ll receive by email. The beauty of the process is there’s no admin or form filling. Everything works on one element - the IMEI number of the device.

Authorized and accurate

Our software has authorized whitelisted access to Apple’s database. Using this access we can source the latest and most up-to-date data to ensure your report is as accurate and detailed as possible.

How our iCloud IMEI activation check works

Two factors combined drive our iCould activation check.

The first is the IMEI number.

This 15-digit unique code captures all of the information about an iPhone or iPad; from the device model, make and mobile network to the technical features and specifications. And, of course, the iCloud account details and status. This information is hard coded and stored centrally in Apple’s global database.

The second is the authorized (or “whitelisted”) access our software has to the Apple database. Using this access our software can directly locate the IMEI and extract all of the associated data to produce a detailed and accurate report.

Two factors, one powerful and effective but simple process.

Other popular IMEI checker solutions

Our IMEI check answers a wide range of questions about most mobile device makes and models, not just unlock Apple ID or iCloud activation queries.

Our specialized checks provide all-round protection for everything from blacklist status to device replacement information and from iPhones to Samsung devices.

iPhone check

Is an iPhone SIM locked to a particular mobile carrier? What’s its manufacturing history? Are you still able to make use of its warranty and, if so, for how long? Is the ‘Find My’ app activation lock enabled? Get answers to all of these questions with an iPhone check.

Samsung check

Find out if a Samsung mobile phone is locked and can only operate on one network - the network it was originally assigned to. Additional information included in the report covers warranty status and technical specifications.

Device replacement check

What’s the condition and provenance of a phone? You can’t tell just by looking at it. Our device replacement check will provide the answers you can’t get without the right data. Using authorized access to the IMEI database you can find out if a phone was bought new, refurbished or replaced by the manufacturer.

Carrier check

A locked iPhone will only accept SIM cards from one network. Try to insert a SIM card from another carrier and you won’t get a signal, be able to send texts, or make phone calls. Our carrier report will let you know if a device is network or SIM locked and, if so, which network it’s locked to.

Blacklist check

A blacklisted phone is a bad buy. Globally blocked by all mobile networks, a blacklisted device won’t connect to any carrier. The reasons are usually due to unpaid bills or because it’s been reported as stolen or lost. Once you’ve bought a blacklisted device there’s not much you can do to reverse its status. So, get a clean bill of health ahead of any purchase with a blacklist check.


iCloud activation check FAQs

  • What’s ‘Find My’?

    The ‘Find My’ app is a tracking feature available on all Apple products. It's designed to help owners track and locate their Apple devices if they lose them or have had them stolen.

  • What’s an Activation Lock?

    An ‘Activation Lock’ is a security feature of the ‘Find My’ app. Its purpose is to stop unauthorized people from using a device if it gets separated or stolen from its owner. When the ‘Find My’ app is enabled, so too is the ‘Activation Lock’.

    In order to erase or restart the device, the registered Apple ID and password will have to be inputted. Buying a used iPhone with the Activation Lock on means it will be impossible to use the device without knowing the previous owner’s Apple log in details. You can't bypass iCloud activation lock. You need to know the login credentials.

  • I want to buy a used iPhone but the ‘Find My’ app is on. What does this mean?

    When the ‘Find My’ app is enabled on a device, the Activation Lock will also be activated. This means you’ll need to know the login details of the phone’s previous owner in order to deactivate or restart or erase the device.

    You won’t be able to log in using your iCloud credentials and perform the process yourself.

  • What’s the difference between GSM and CDMA?

    CDMA stands for ‘Code Division Multiple Access’. GSM stands for ‘Global System for Mobiles.’ Both are 2G and 3G radio networks that are used by wireless carriers. They’re fast being superseded by 4G and 5G Long Term Evolution (LTE) devices. Which will soon make CDMA and GSM a thing of the past.

  • What’s an IMEI?

    IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a unique 15-digit number that links a device with the SIM card inside the device. The first 14 digits are defined by the GSM Association. The last digit is generated by an algorithm.

    Your IMEI is like your phone’s fingerprint. It’s completely unique and every phone has one. Unlike a SIM card which is linked to a user, and can be transferred from one phone to another, if unlocked, your IMEI is fixed to your device.

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