Just why do people unlock their phones? This is a question a lot of people have and one that has multiple answers. There are also various benefits to unlocking a phone, which is what we’ll look at here.

The most common reason is because the owner of the handset has another network that they’d prefer to use. For example, someone may have bought a phone locked to Orange, but would prefer to use a SIM only offer from giffgaff. Because the phone is locked to Orange, it needs to be unlocked so the phone can use a giffgaff (or any other network) SIM card.

Generally this is because another network has a better priced offer for the user, however there are various popular reason why we see people switching networks. These include better reception, customer service or/and offers such as O2 Priority (where users can gain priority for upcoming events) or Orange Wednesdays (2 for 1 offers on cinema tickets).

Another popular reason why people unlock phones is because they plan to be travelling internationally in the future or currently and want to use a locally provided SIM card. As we discovered recently the costs of using a mobile phone abroad can be cheaper in various areas when compared to roaming with a UK SIM card. With this is mind, people need an unlocked phone in order for their phone to accept these SIM cards. This makes local rate phone called much cheaper and also accessing mobile data (such as 3G) much cheaper per MB as well.

The last benefit of phone unlocking is that it can often increase the price of a phone, allowing people to get a higher asking price when it comes to selling it. As we have seen, and also companies like Moneysavingexpert, unlocked mobile phones sell for more money on eBay and other online selling platforms. When someone is considering selling their phone and it is currently locked, they often consider unlocking it so they can achieve a better price. This is because a locked phone often only attracts attention from buyers who currently have a contract with that network. However, when a phone is unlocked, near enough any buyer can purchase the phone and use it straight away because it can accept SIM cards from all compatible networks. This greatly increase the amount of interested buyers, which naturally increase the price the seller can command.