There are two levels of money back guarantee and both apply to your order.

Level 1

If after searching all available unlock code databases we cannot find any unlock code for your phone, then we will refund the money from your order in full. It can take up to the full delivery time before we know that a code is not available, but once we know we will process the refund within 72 hours (usually within 12 hours).

Level 2

If we do send you an unlock code, and nobody has ever entered incorrect codes on your phone in the past, but the unlock procedure still doesn't work because the code is incorrect, then we will refund your money. There is however a claim procedure.

First of all we will verify your code. You should request this within 2 days of receiving the code. We will also try to understand exactly what went wrong in case the code is correct but you need assistance in using it to unlock your phone.

If we cannot assist you with the unlocking process, you need to send us evidence that the code did not work, and that the details you put on the order form were correct. Exact details can be found in the bottom section of our terms and conditions.