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  • Unlock codes sent directly to your inbox
  • Costs just $35.99
  • Delivery in just 2 to 8 Days
  • Our codes work for every network worldwide

Further Details

Although they have been in the mobile phone industry for a very long time, Sony have only recently taking to the market on their own. Many will still refer to them as "Sony-Ericsson" but since the companies parted ways in 2011, Sony have set about sustaining their presence in the industry on their own.

Sony phones are still amongst the most popular that we unlock, with the process continuously getting made simpler by the company. By using the Serial Number of the handset as well as the IMEI, we can be sure that we are finding the correct unlock code for your phone. Entering the code once we've delivered it to your email address is very easy. All you have to do is insert a non-accepted SIM card and turn the phone on. It will then prompt you for this unlock code if it is locked. Enter it here and the phone will then be unlocked.

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How To Unlock

Entering the unlock code in your Sony mobile phone is simple, especially with the newer Xperia handsets. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Switch on your phone with a non accepted SIM card
  2. Enter the unlock code when prompted

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