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  • Get unlock codes specific to your network

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Nokia, previously the undisputed number 1 mobile phone brand in the world, have been there since the start of the mobile phone industry. This Finnish company are the minds behind the classic mobile phones that many of us will remember as our first mobile phones. They are still releasing feature phones today in the form of the Asha series to share our experiences with the next generation. The Lumia series is one of their most popular ranges, using the Windows Mobile operating system on all the models.

Generally, unlock codes are the most popular form of unlocking. Unlike other mobile phone brands, we are also able to offer an unlocking software for Nokia phones, which has helped thousands of people who couldn't get the code for the network they were locked to. Both options are very easy to use, but both might not be available for your handset or network. When on the page for you specific handset, select your network from the drop down menus, and our website will display the available options to you there.

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How To Unlock

  1. Remove the SIM card and turn on the Nokia handset
  2. If prompted, confirm that you wish to start the phone without a SIM card
  3. Type #PW+CODE+1# replacing CODE with the numeric unlock code we send you. To get P, W and + to appear, you need to repeatedly press the * key, 3 times for P, 4 times for W and twice for +
  4. High five us because your phone is now unlocked

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