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How to Unlock the HD2

  1. Turn on the HTC HD2 with a non accepted SIM card
  2. If required, enter the PIN code for that specific SIM code
  3. When prompted, enter the unlock code we sent you and press OK/Enter
  4. Your HD2 is unlocked
Detailed instructions here

What Do I Receive

In the emails that we send out for HTC orders, we only need to send 1 unlock code. This code is the one that is unique for the IMEI that your supplied and will work on nearly all networks. This is an extremely simple process and one that HTC have deliberately worked on. We also provide the instructions to enter the code for each HTC mobile phone, so you'll know exactly what to do.


Some testimonials

  • Absolutely fantastic service Written on: 22-07-2015 by Marissar338

    Awesome service, highly reccomended, smooth transaction, very trustful seller, the best mobile unlocking service in the World.

  • perfect service Written on: 23-10-2015 by --

    Requested the code late on Friday and it arrived Wednesday morning. Worked instantly and will use again in the future!

  • Good service Written on: 26-06-2015 by Dgee

    It works, including customer support!

  • who are you going to call? (Mobile Unlocked) that's who! Written on: 01-10-2015 by Lesly354

    What a great web site for unlocking your phone, I have been trying for ages to find a place to unlock my phone, tried a few and always got a (sorry mate cant yer) and many a refund. looked up Moble Unlocked, paid the fee and the next day BAM in the email was a code to unlock. put the code in and what do you know it worked! I have already got a few more phones lined up to be unlocked in the future. saved the web to favourites. all in all a very pleasant transaction from beginning to end, many thanks again.

  • Best value, super fast and easy to use service Written on: 15-07-2015 by Simon Turner

    After shopping around Mobile Unlocked came up as the cheapest online or in store. It took less than a week to unlock an iPhone 4s from Orange, much less than I expected. Instructions for the unlock process were simple and worked perfectly. Thank you for the great service.

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The HTC HD2 is the first phone from the HTC series with HTC Sense, which is based on three principles - make it mine, stay close and discover the unexpected. Unlocking your HTC HD2 is easy and takes just a few minutes once you receive the valid code. As the HTC HD2 is an Android phone, make sure that the network you want to change to supports the features of the device.

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